The StoRY

"If there be spirits in the air
That hold their sway between the earth and sky,

Descend out of the golden vapours there
And sweep me into iridescent life."

The History of heaven and earth

Two Realms, both alike in dignity:

A city of angels and a reef of demons,

dwelling within each other, rejoicing in light and water.

Yet one angel sought escape.

kindled by his yearning for the uttermost high,
and disdain of the watery realm below.

He rallied a host of rebel angels,
building great engines of rocketry

at the base of the city,

and igniting them, broke from the reef, dividing HEAVEN from UNDERWORLD.

The fiery angels drove HEAVEN Upwards towards the stars,

raining fire below,


As the demons, torn from their partners,

fell downward into the deep seas,


retreating into deeper nests

and coiled like maddened vipers, 

defend and strike themselves in abject rage.

From this ancient schism, 

ever new wars and devastation break:

The fearful passage
of the death-marked angels,
wound their world with angelic fire,

making their mantle of HEAVEN unclean.

From forth the fatal weaponry of these two foes,

A fire angel is kindled, and breaks from its’ kin,

Falling to the sea below.

A water demon is spawned, and swims to her own song.

And rises to seek the surface world.


Two star-crossed spirits mark their fate.
And shall they, with their actions regain the seat of balance?

And now today...

HEAVEN and earth are still tearing themselves apart in this great schism that threatens the structure of the universe.

The constant war, a consequence of the great divorce between Heaven’s King of Light and the Earth’s Queen of Darkness is raging.

The delicate harmony of opposites has been lost, and the society of the spirits, as we know it, is in dire peril. They both lose the soul and mind that each side brought to the other.

As they separate, HEAVEN rises and retreats to a controlled and rigid order, becoming more militaristic, uncaring, aggressive and disconnected.

Earth descends to the Underworld into chaotic despair and becomes more tormented, maddened and horrified.

Hark, a young fire angel, a warrior of Heaven, is born into these terrible times.

The player, taking the role of Hark, is launched into this world, challenging the system, and plays the role of the diplomat/therapist/matchmaker in bringing the two together.

The game has two main characters, a wise but authoritarian Archangel, RAK-CHA-OHM, and a tortured Princess of the underworld, N’aamah. Both meet at the membrane between the worlds, where air meets water.

Hark brings understanding between these prime movers, helping them to overcome their preconceptions of one another, and to unite the lost forces of each world to reunite HEAVEN and earth.