The Story Of Hark

What follows is a brief overview of the pre-history to the world of Hark! that will serve as the introduction of the game.

Sing, Starlike Angel

that in the beginning,


from the secret top of the hidden mount, 

witnessed the divorce



Two great worlds, both alike in dignity

Once united in love as a great cosmic city,


Until the misadventured rebellion of Providence,

Caused HEAVEN to Rise out of union

into war


and in their rupture,

HEAVEN drove upwards

into imprisoning ORDER

and the UNDERWORLD plunged 

into despairing CHAOS.


The Twinned Worlds,
Before the fall,
Two peoples, their souls a part of each other,
dwelt together in the heart of reality:
The membrane of the great sea below and great sky above.
Two cities, one of glass and mineral, vision and thought,
Glittering edifices and towers,
Floating above the surface of the ocean
Joined together in two cities,
each reaching inside the other.
Glass and mineral, vision and thought,
Flesh and blood, realness and sensation,

In the UNDERWORLD, The first people,

Daimons of the World,

Rooted at their base

to the earthen bedrock beneath the ocean,

And at the waters’ surface,

with clinging tendrils, the adhere;

To the foundations

of the floating city above.

And crawl and climb their way, interpenetrating to the highest spire.

Earth blood

From the lowest well

Pulsated up and up

And in the city above,

HEAVEN, The upward gazing Angels,

living in their glittering towers,

Neighbourhoods of thought, of art, of joy, of knowledge,

like mighty wings outspread,

Dove-like satst on the abyss.

illuminating the deep night of the world,

by the twinkling of countless dancing angels,

Yet each angelic edifice,

was penetrated by the fronds and veins

of their Daimonic sisters,

who thrum their power from the roots of the earth,

up through great muscled arms,

through the sea,

through angelic strut and crystal conduit,

with manifest life.

Each angel

Eyes fixed on the stars above,

Singing the music of the rarefied spheres above,

but their hearts filled with heat and life

from the black ichor that they burned

Delivered with each great beat of the heart,

of their sisters down below.

The great united city,

At its core connecting via a great cord,

the mind of the sun, the lord of light,

with the heart of the sea, the lady of darkness.



Yet one strove to forsake the other.

What cause Moved these Parents,

the Lord of Light and Lady of Darkness,

in that happy State,

Favour’d of each other so highly,

to fall off from their other halves,

and transgress their bond?

Who first seduc’d them to that furious revolt?

The Ardent Angel, Firelord.

He it was, whose purity of thought and love of ORDER,

Stirred up with puritanical simplicity of thought,

Sought to split the angels from the realms of the earth,

And raise heaven to its highest purpose,

He trusted to have equal’d the most High.

His terrible purpose: to divide HEAVEN from the UNDERWORLD.

Commandeering the wheel of HEAVEN, He sought escape:

To set himself in Glory above his Sisters, the Daimons.

To be freed from the taint of reality – the down-going base traditions of the elder sisters,

And seeking a higher order,

freedom to exist

only amongst the stars above.

Above with all his dutiful Host Of Rebel Fire Angels, by whose aid aspiring,

Built great engines at the base of the heavenly city, and launching it upwards heaven with rocketing force away from the sea,

driving their new world of fire away from the daimon’s underworld.

Rent and tore Tore their structures away from their sisters’ tendrils,

Blasting away From their Creator, and transgressing their law of life.

The Demons, bereft of the light and warmth of their partners,
Reached their mighty tentacles up.
And in fear, PROVIDENCE retaliated.
And throwing fire down below, mad’st it deadened.

As the warriors of HEAVEN fall in fires

HEAVEN rises forcibly in its’ quest 

of the uttermost above. 


Abjuring their counterparts,

burning away their bonds.

And in their furious doing,

Incinerated the flesh of their counterpart,

The Mother of the Earth,

turning her and her thousand sisters to charred poison.

as the wounds of angelic fire on the life force of the world
makes the force of heaven unclean.

And the deep underwater tracts of the ABYSS, rich and ripe and fertile, yet rotting and turned in on itself in madness and grief.

As the daimonic force of the earth retreats into deeper nests and coiled like maddened vipers, defends and strikes itself in abject rage.

And in victory, having commandeered half of heaven, set himself as the fiery court of PROVIDENCE.
Yet PROVIDENCE’s gaze, though purposed to be upwards,

Endlessly found itself driven downwards,
Terrified of the infection of demonic infiltration,
And daemonic sympathisers in his new court.
And in his pride and fear,

Caused him to split heaven in two,
Dividing the angelic forces into two halves-

the Takers: Warlike Seraphim, driven by terrible purpose,
and the Leavers: Astral beings, the leavers: High circling Cherubim.

And exiling the noncompliant angels to the stars above.
casting them him out from His Heaven, into the Aether

The crystal walls of HEAVEN turning dark and leaden, lit with a new fire of determination.

And the deep underwater tracts of the ABYSS, rich and ripe and fertile, yet rotting and turned in on itself in madness and grief.

Between the time when the Angels and Daimons rejoiced together in light and water, and the rise of the Ship of the Seed,

There was an age undreamed of. An age of strife and desperate adventure, in the realm of the spirit.