Brief: Daemons

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Daemons represent the feminine life force of the universe. From the angels’ perspective, They are these vast terrifying primordial, growths appearing at them from the cosmic darkness of the eternal sea below.

However, this does not accurately represent the totality of the Daimons’ full nature. They are vast and terrifying as as nature itself, but they are by no means evil. Their terrifying vastness reflects the immensity of nature and the threat that the natural world presents to the small human being located within it.

They also reflect both the inherent beauty, wonder, sublimity and thrilling peace that being in nature can provide.

However, they also represent, in their physical manifestation, The monstrous terror and unforgiving, relentless intensity of nature itself. Think of the relentlessness of a tree’s roots ploughing through concrete over time.

Another useful way to think of the Daimons is something like feline cat. On the one hand, sensuous and supple. You can imagine running your hands down their back as they move to you. A Black Cat is a good example because it’s black fur has a sheen to it, so it shows up to reflect the ripples and muscles of its body.

However, the skeleton of a cat and its teeth, and the nature of what it is, is at the same time a predatory and frightening creature. Daimons represent this duality in themselves.

They also represent the sexual life force of the universe, both in its inherent replication as in cell division, and a sexual plant reproduction as well as the sexual characteristics of other advanced life forms. Therefore, these elements should be not merely present in the Daimons but fundamental to their entire makeup.

However, I would prefer if we don’t use explicit sexual forms, but rather merely reference the sensuality of say the human form, for example, the curves of the hips, muscular forms, and so on.

If we can manage to both capture the sort of biomechanical horror that artists like HR Giger bring out in their work, but also the sublime beauty of a great crashing, thunderous Sea, and the warm purring – The great, comforting warm, home of the interior of the womb. Or that a kitten might feel resting its head on its mother’s purring abdomen. If we can capture those at the same time, we would have succeeded. Another reference point of course is great sea creatures like leviathans and Lovecraftian Horrors – sort of astral Horrors, Cthulu-esque. It’s important we don’t lean too hard on these but they are at some point essential to the Daimons; one of the structural points of the Daimons is that they are vast underwater beings. I often think of long – miles long tentacles reaching thinly up from their vast unknowable under surface. And that itself splitting out into sub dividing root-like structures one after the other. At the end of each of these root-like structures, potentially a single mouth or an eye that comes together and forms in different patterns in order to create different shapes and expressions.

So there’s a kind of a hand like reaching or perhaps the reaching of a more accurately the reaching of a plant towards the sun. In a sense, the Daimons are growing towards the light of heaven above them, much like plants reach for the sun.

So Daimons live underneath the vast cosmic ocean. Half of the cosmos in this world is a vast dark ocean. The other half is that sky and the void above it. Daimons, their swirling tentacles, and parts of their bodies live in this ocean, but even underneath the ocean, there’s ocean bed. And there the origins of their bodies living these vast swirling caves and networks underneath the crust itself. So it’ll be interesting to imagine that there are these parts of the Daimons that we never even get to see – sort of vast sort of complex forming swirling organ like structures under the bed of the sea.

It’s also worth thinking about how the associated ecosystems that are in the sea and under the crust itself live within the Daimons live off them like parasites, feed off them, help keep them alive and symbiotic forms. The Daimons are these great producers of food and magical energy, as they absorb light from heaven above. They create vast amounts of Ichor – this dark fluid that gives life to everything around it so we can imagine swarms of creatures living in them and keeping them clean and so on much like many creatures that live on whales that help keeping their teeth clean and so on. And of course, various creatures in this surreal world should be sort of surrealistic, and not too much like any of the animals that we have. They could fill similarly ecosystem niches but it will be excellent if they could do it in unusual unexpected ways that we can think about.

Of course, when a Daimon dies, which is very rare that it leads to this massive destabilisation of the ecosystem is a kind of a feeding frenzy much the same as when a whale dies. That happens occasionally When the angels manage to get into one of the Daimons hearts and impale them with one of their fiery spears.

That will be an interesting plot point for the game. So we can also think of designing storyboarding a scene of a Daimon dying, and then it’s all the rot that would happen not only in its tentacle forms but under the crust itself. Also like us to consider if underneath the crust can be sort of a kind of a beautiful, wonderous alive kind of city that the angel can actually that the protagonist can actually travel through and see. So there could be some really fascinating way by which the interiors of the Daimons which live under the ocean connect with each other communicate with each other live in tribes together, could almost imagine like giant trees in a sense. So this is the heart of the root system intertwining with each other. I believe trees do send signals to each other and chemical signals that helps them spread out. That would be a good reference point. And also take a look at leguminous vegetables, and there’s interesting nodes under the soil, things like that.

Every one of these words should more or less have something like its opposite reflected in the angels. However, it’s worth bearing in mind the angels and Daimons aren’t perfect opposites of each other. They both contain both Yin and Yang life force, the Daimons have more Yin force, but they have a Yang at their heart. And the angels have more Yang force but they have a Yin at their heart. So The angels predominantly embody Yang aspects dryness, heat, solidity light and so on, And the Daimons primarily embody the opposites.

But it will be very interesting to think of certain touchpoints certain grace notes whereby the creatures can actually reference each other, so there’s hints that they have a common source. Another thing I should mention is, there’s a vast difference in scale. Compared to a Daimon’s tentacle reaching up the angels represents small pinpricks of light and they have to work in their constellations, Then legions in order to keep the Daimons away. And the Daimons sort of move slowly and titanically up towards heaven.

Concerned with growth, But killing and destroying as a natural part of the way that they bring life to everything around them.

When they touch Heaven, Then they spread their spores through it and corrupt its hull integrity, and there’s a large amount of destruction that can happen there.

(That we’ll investigate on another section).

Mysterious, unknowable, terrifying.

Sinuous cat like rapid reflexes, quick reactions, responsive, chaotic, syncopated, elegant,

Potentially translucent in places, shining in places sleek, they could have rippling fur or something like similar to black cats, or something, it just works like that or not at all.

Beautiful, majestic elegant and powerful,

Perhaps have a slightly melancholic aspect to them, but not as much as some of the other creatures in the world like the weavers. They also represent a certain level of insanity and madness, and otherworldliness, that’s a little bit hard to handle similar to how Lovecraftian creations are supposed to be slightly beyond the ken. But that is directly linked to the life force that they bring into reality. It’s sort of inescapably tied in. And that’s partly why the angels find them so terrifying. But of course, Once upon a time, the angels did us to live with them more closely. So it will be interesting to see how that terrifying aspect of them can be later sort of handled and brought to bear when understood and comprehended and integrated with the angelic perceptions, which are much less terrifying and much more concrete and ordered and comprehensible and knowable.

So some more ideas with the daemons: I think a modularity to how they work is interesting.

It’s interesting to think of them also as shape shifters, I can imagine many hands holding each other, and  snaking together and creating a kind of spider like movement. Or more like a centipede like movement,

I think of the curves that one sees between the lower rib cage, the abdomen, the hips, sort of working in a modular, hinge like way, I think spines would be an excellent reference point. In Jim Henson’s, the Labyrinth there are some interesting creatures called the helping hands, which are all sort of effectively like some puppet faces, but they are simply created by a collection of hands, Making the faces talk, and so on.

We can imagine the many tendrils that are at the end of the tentacles, when they sort of start to branch out into lots of thin filaments could be something like this network of helping hands. I think in the new version of The Dark Crystal, the there are some spiders, they do a similar of trick with them, but it’s all in CGI. But that’s another good reference point to consider.

It’s worth thinking of the daemons in a more aggressive active state where they are so desperately branching out towards heaven, and a more of a restful state with a lower on trees.

daemons are deeply interconnected with the weavers world. And we can imagine some of the great trees that Weavers live within are actually ancient daemons who become like peaceful, great old Baobab trees, and they still have their roots deep down into the underworld, but now they represent these vast arboreal shelters for the week. And so you can imagine he was like, trying close with older lady kind of Gaia Earth Mother spirit kind of daemon. It’s different to the more tentacled sea monsters, but still essentially the same structure they have to essentially be the same creature but have reached a very different phase in their lifespans, and a very different character and energy perhaps taking on more of the Yin energy, particularly as they closer to the weaver lands, which are three Yins. And we’re thinking how the weavers live within them and how there’s a highly symbiotic and friendly relationship there. It’s of course, one of the reasons the angels are incited to attack these folks with fire because they can tell that they are associated to the daemons that are more actively attacking them.

Consider whether they might have eggs or larvae or birthing pods or chambers or something like that, how new ones grow? How do they sprout out of them? Obviously, absolutely essential to the growth of new daemons is the angelic light from above, they can’t really grow without them. So perhaps there’s some kind of leaf type photosynthesising systems that are worth thinking about, that could maybe create these larvae hanging underneath them, maybe happen down under the water, I’m not sure.

So once upon a time, the daemons represented half of the Cosmopolis, they had sort of a vast kelp like City of growth that held it up and penetrated underneath it. So it’s worth thinking how daemonic structures could once have represented the foundations of the Cosmopolis that sort of came from underneath the sea. 

Think of coral reefs beautiful, unkempt, like structures, seaweed structures, and how that could have almost become like a metropolis types of under city with the crystalline more angelic like buildings sort of clustered all above the sea, but there would be some interpenetration, so some kelp daemon structures would have come above the sea and some angelic crystals would have come below.

It’s also worth thinking about when the protagonist Angel becomes more and more associated with the daemons, talks to them more, takes on more of their spirit, it will start to mutate and change, the player will have some options about what mutations it takes on. But that’s fun role playing part of the game. 

Think about the little sprout like tentacles and how those might look and interface with an angels’, exoskeleton, ceramic crucible body.

The key sound for the daemons is their chorus. They create a song out of thousands of voices all singing at once, in harmonies and dis harmonies and so on. Let’s think about how those mouths or whatever they might be that create the sound they could be almost just wind chambers that are mounted throughout the daemons, that work to create that sound that will be key, and how that might then be reflected in the mutations that happened to the angels later.

Keywords for Daimons:












emotional, emotive, passionate, impassioned.

Lifebringers, Lifesource,

Other Key Info:

Some ideas for daemons’ aesthetics:

Rolling mad eyes like Chinese dragons.

Wombs, sacs with more daemons inside

Hive-like structures

Sinuous curves, like a cat’s back when it curls and flexes

Flowing rippling elements like silk or lace, or those delicate fins of exotic fish

General lovecraftian elements, but with a more road Dahl quality if possible – sort of fascinatingly gross rather than repellant

Shifting expressions

Ideas like an animated Rorschach come to mind

Relevant Quotes:





“Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.” 

– Blake 


“Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability.” 

― Lovecraft