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Help Shape the Future of Gaming and Mental

Quiet Forces is a new kind of game development studio creating a video game and wellness app hybrid, embedded in an immersive and fantastical narrative-based adventure.
We’ve gathered a world-class team and secured grant funding for R&D and prototype development.

By joining our team, you’ll experience and contribute to the growth of a mission-based, future-oriented startup from its early stages. You’ll be a part of the growing movement towards ‘restorative gaming’: a design approach promoting fun yet non addictive gameplay, stimulates imagination, open-mindedness, and self-development, helping to shape a more healthy relationship with our technology. We are building the organisation with the same principles in mind, to enable your top contribution to shaping restorative gaming.

Game Development Positions:

Lead VR Developer

Freelance Position, UK-registered only 

As Lead VR Developer, you will engineer the backbone of our groundbreaking game, Hark. You’ll work closely with a team of creatives  with autonomy to structure the technical aspects of the project. Focusing on programming and software architecture, you’ll ensure our gaming experiences are not just captivating but also robust and scalable. This is a chance to bring your valuable skills to leave a lasting imprint on a meaningful project.

Lead VR Designer

Freelance Position, UK-registered only 

As our Lead VR Designer, you’ll be more than just a visual architect; you’ll be a storyteller. With a rich background in game design and level design, you’ll be instrumental in creating virtual spaces that aren’t merely aesthetically pleasing but are also functionally sound and narrative-driven. Your expertise ideally extends to character modelling and animation, as well as the design of dialogue interactivity, providing a multi-dimensional gaming experience. Working closely with developers and other creatives, you’ll have the opportunity to watch your concepts evolve into interactive, three-dimensional worlds, that serve to be an immersive way to promote a healthier engagement with digital technology.

Operations Positions

Head of Operations

Freelance Position, UK-registered only 

Step into a role of broad influence and responsibility as Quiet Forces’ Head of Operations. In this position, you’ll not just oversee operational aspects but will also lead the company’s transition from a funded project phase to a fundraising stage. Your expertise in financial planning, coordination, and the integration of AI tools will be key in sculpting the operational backbone of our gaming start-up.

Project Manager

Freelance Position, UK-registered only 

As Project Manager, you’ll be the lynchpin that holds us together. You’ll engage in a range of duties from coordination, administration, financials, grant applications and event management. The role provides a unique chance to work at the intersection of gaming, wellness, and technology, offering not just a job but a fulfilling mission to be part of.