Are you passionate about making a difference in the world of video games and mental health? Can you thrive and keep organised in a fast-paced startup environment? If so, we’d love for you to join our team at Quiet Forces!

Who We Are

Quiet Forces is a game development studio committed to creating video games and apps that promote mental health, open-mindedness, and self-development. Our flagship project, Hark, immerses players in a narrative-based adventure, blending mindfulness techniques and cognitive neuroscience research within a fantastical universe inhabited by mysterious spiritual guides.

We’ve gathered a world-class team and secured initial grant funding for R&D and prototype development. Now, we’re seeking a focused, resourceful, and highly efficient Operations Coordinator to help organise our company and drive it through a successful seed funding round as our prototype progresses.

The Opportunity

As an Operations Coordinator, you’ll have hands-on administration management experience, exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills, and a curiosity for using the latest tools. By joining our team, you’ll gain a unique opportunity to witness and contribute to the growth of a mission-based, future-oriented startup from its early stages, positively impacting lives and redefining digital entertainment.

Key Responsibilities

Our Values

At Quiet Forces, our goal is to foster a work environment that balances excellence and diligence with empathy and kindness. We treat each other as individuals first, seeking to move beyond restricting beliefs, group labels, and reductive ideologies. We prioritise listening, respect, and valuing everyone’s opinions.

We kindly note that those with rigid or moralistic religious or political beliefs may not be a good fit for our organisation. Instead, we welcome open-minded, calm, mature and curious individuals who are focused on personal growth and learning.

Ready to Make an Impact?

If you’re eager to contribute to a groundbreaking project that shapes the future of digital entertainment and mental well-being, send a CV and a brief cover letter to

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