Influences come from a number of truly provocative and unforgettable films, having a truly unusual and disruptive vision and whose striking visual vocabulary, drawing so powerfully from mystical traditions, serve as a primary touch point for the game. These include:



  • The Holy Mountain – Alejandro Jodorosky
  • Dune –  Alejandro Jodorowsky (An unmade film with a staggering vision
  • The Time Masters – (Artwork by Moebius)




Books: Fiction

  • The Earthsea Quartet – Ursula Leguinn
  • The Narnia Series – C.S. Lewis
  • His Dark Materials Series – Phillip Pullman
  • Paradise Lost – John Milton
  • The Little Mermaid – Hans Christian Andersen

Books: Non-Fiction

  • The Dao de Jing
  • The Lectures of Alan Watts
  • The work of Jung

Computer Games

  • Journey, by ThatGameCompany/Sony
  • Gris, by Nomada Design Studio
  • Machinarium, by Amanita Design
  • Loom & Monkey Island, by Lucas Film Games
  • Shadow of the Colossus & Ico, by Studio Ico
  • Postmodern approaches like The Stanley Parable and Frog Fractions


  • Jean Giraud aka Moebius, whose work changed the face of cinema and gaming
  • William Blake – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  • Conrad Roset (Who did the art for gris)
  • Mark Ferrari (Artist for Loom and Monkey Island)