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Andrew Campbell

CEO and Creative Director

Creator of the world of Hark, Andrew adopts a “servant leader” approach, inspiring his team to collaboratively shape the world of Hark.

As the ‘keeper of the flame,’ he safeguards the game’s distinctive atmosphere, ethos, and essence.

Andrew’s responsibilities include:

  • Team management and leadership

  • Fostering innovation and ideation

  • Guiding strategic planning and decision-making

  • Overseeing marketing and branding

  • Directing creative direction, world-building, storytelling, and narrative design

Andrew’s expertise in team management, complexity theory, strategic planning, and industry connections ensures the final product meets high standards of quality and player engagement.

Andrew holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Edinburgh University and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Blekinge University, Sweden. He co-founded and served as an Executive Director for 8 years at ‘Massive Small’, promoting a new approach to community-led, sustainable urban development. He co-created the publication ‘Making Massive Small Change’ and developed a fascination with complex systems, the role of stories in shaping meaning, and their influence on behavior.

With a degree in Fine Art from City & Guilds, Andrew is inspired by the power of art to create ancient, cultural, and mystical worlds. He applies this experience to build an intricate, interconnected game universe that offers depth and beauty.

In 2016, a traumatic brain injury led Andrew to discover the healing power of meditation. This sparked his interest in using digital media for therapeutic purposes. Combining his passion for gaming and meditation, Andrew began developing Hark, a game that weaves escapist fantasy with mindfulness, providing players with restoration and healing in a captivating fantasy world they feel deeply connected to.