Allegorical Fable:
Hark! integrates lessons from psychology, mindfulness, philosophy, and holistic wellbeing across time and place, remixing them for the modern era.

Guided Meditation:
Hark! weaves guided meditation throughout the gameplay, with meditation experts reincarnated as beings the player encounters in the game.

Spiritual Entertainment:
Hark! integrates spiritual and philosophical traditions without asserting any one belief as truth, promoting non-dogmatic exploration.

Sound Therapy:
Hark! works with trained sound therapists to create a restorative auditory experience that promotes healing and reduces stress in the player.

Game as Art:
Hark! treats the player as an experiencer of art, not just a consumer, recognizing gaming as a legitimate art form and providing an immersive, artistic experience.

Digital Ergonomics:
Hark! supports the human body and mind with characters that suggest body posture and provide peaceful moments, offering a respite from the overstimulation of the digital world.