Business ModeL

"Write your principles in pen and your business model in pencil"

Revenue Streams

Subscription of Episode 1:

Like the most successful meditation apps, the game will use a ‘Freemium subscription service model’. Some key content is offered for free, with full access for customers who pay a regular subscription fee. 

After the free content, the plot ends on a cliffhanger encouraging the player to take up a subscription.



Lifetime license:

We could offer the option for players to buy a lifetime licence, giving them full access to all future episodes and unlockable content.




As part of the social model, the game will also offer discounted and / or free subscriptions to qualifying individuals and organisations. The studio producing this game will be a registered social enterprise, focusing on providing mindfulness tools and anti- addiction tools, as well as education and outreach regarding mental health. This will assist in unlocking funding and support from various change making organisations.




A wide array of potentially merchandisable content is available. The principle is that everything should be ethical, sustainable, and authentically support the players’ spiritual journey.

A few planned merchandise pieces include:

– Sculptures of the game characters that can be used as pieces in a meditation shrine (similarly to say, a wooden sculpture of Ganesh in a Hindu shrine).

– Eight forms of branded incense that cross reference the eight worlds

– Posters and prints of the various worlds, spiritual diagrams and suchlike.



Business Model