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Mark Ferrari:


Moebius’s illustrative style meets the evocative pixel art and colour palette of Mark Ferrari




Both heaven and the underworld are the product of a long line of transformations.

Initially they were the habitats that naturally formed from the intial individuation of yin and yang essences.

Later they became fortresses – reference angband and the drow underworld cities

Then they joined together to create the cosmopolis

Finally they broke in a great schism,

The organic tendrils of the undercity retreated to the underworld, carrying with them many crystalline chambers and shafts and engines of angels and delvers with them. These still exist throughout the underworld, particularly towards the centre.

The spires and great halls of the angels blasted upwards, yet it is plain to see that the walls, arches, decorations are all profoundly influenced by architectural influences of the demons, as well as the physical imprint of their organics that have embedded their effect in the walls. Though nearly all organic matter was burned away, the imprint of the demons’ inflence patterns throughout the entirety of the centre of heaven. The new constructions around the engines, weapons of war, and higher spires are notably absent of such demonic influence, and have a far purer, geometric style absent of organic imprint and influence.


Heaven was pulled out of cosmopolis, violently and with an extreme impulse, with many pieces to it that don’t really make sense as a space ship / flying fortress, but have been repurposed.

It looks part crystalline beautiful harmonic thing but also many parts of it are redolent with its original derivation, as the heart of cosmopolis that was ripped away.

Some aspects proved extremely useful to the schism, power sources, engines etc. But many many rooms were made irrelevant or even surrealistically out of context after the great schism.

Parts of it should feel a bit like titanic, and some of the parts of heaven that were underwater can feel like a salvaged ship…


Part of the game is investigating lost / shut off parts of heaven which have many demonic magical treasures in them, and seeing how the two energies used to work together… much of this can be illuminated by repressed maggidim writings.



Note: The architectural patina and historical record of heaven can be an important part of the players’ investigations into suppressed history.


Demonic influences can look similar to Gaudi’s cathedral, as well as of course giger and other biomechanical influences. Elvish architecture and the way that trees embed themselves into stonework also comes to mind.

World Elements: 


Angelic weaponry is flame and energy based, primarily.

Demonic weaponry tends to be chemically and biologically based.

Weaver weaponry tends to be psychological, and to do with hypnosis and charm, and is woven into demonic approaches

Delver weaponry tends to be scientific, and is woven into angelic approaches

Clencher weaponry tends to be bravery and audacity based

Bellower weaponry tends to be cruel and sadistic, and intimadatory

Voider weaponry tends to be unpredictable due to its weirdness, and leave your attack irrelevant and pointless

Whirler weaponry tends to be overwhelming, chaotic and unpredictable due to its flexibility and rapid morphing

Note: Consider how these articulate themselves both in hand weaponry and defensive outposts and installments, as well as artillery. Of course not all worlds have offensive artillery…