Inception Team

Our expertise encompasses business strategy, clinical psychology, programming, game design, art, and storytelling.

This allows us to craft an immersive and transformative experience for the player that surpasses traditional gaming paradigms.

We take immense pride in this project, with the potential to create  meaningful, engaging, and therapeutic digital experiences that enrich players’ lives.


Andrew Campbell


Creative Director

Creator of the world of Hark, Andrew adopts a “servant leader” approach, inspiring his team to collaboratively shape the world of Hark. 

As the ‘keeper of the flame,’ he safeguards the game’s distinctive atmosphere, ethos, and essence.


Dr Vida Skreb

Head of Organisational Development

Experienced executive coach and consultant with a background in neuroplastictity research. Her diverse skill set and international background make her pivotal in driving our startup’s strategy and talent management.

Dr Bryony Insua

Clinical Director

A licensed Clinical Psychologist, Bryony brings her academic and clinical expertise as a therapist to craft engaging storytelling techniques and dialogue, to create a game that effectively and emotively addresses the real-life challenges faced by players.

Antony Curtis

Lead Writer

An experienced therapist and writer, who has worked in a variety of settings, Antony draws on his award-winning experience in education and behaviour change expert to help craft a narrative that resonates with players and encourages personal growth.

Ryan Padgett

VR Experience Designer

Ryan brings his expertise in digital storytelling, animation, motion graphics, VR, and interactive installations to help create Hark’s transformative gaming experience that explores mental health, self-inquiry, and meditative practices.

Albert Marshall

Games Law Advisor

A qualified Barrister with over 20 years of experience in the games industry, Albert advises on licensing, contractual, and regulatory matters and helps to identify, structure, manage, and exploit intellectual property created in the project.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is composed of accomplished professionals who believe in our mission and are providing their extensive experience to provide strategic guidance, industry insights, and mentoring as we strive to create a transformative gaming experience.

Nicola Blackford

Marketing & Business Strategy

Nicola is the Chief Commercial Officer and a Board Director at Secret Cinema, where she has led the launch of pioneering digital and live immersive products. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and has worked at the Boston Consulting Group. Her experience includes advising the UK Government on investment in digital products. Nicola is assisting in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Offering guidance on creating immersive experiences
  • Providing insight on navigating the digital landscape

Richard Ingleton

Market Research & Business Strategy

Richard is the Chair of Yard, an independent digital agency specializing in data, search, and technology. He is the former CEO of Kantar Insights, where he helped businesses gain strategic insights from customer data. Richard is assisting in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Identifying growth opportunities and potential investment
  • Providing insights on leveraging data and technology to gain a competitive edge.

Andrew Campbell

CEO and Creative Director

Creator of the world of Hark, Andrew adopts a “servant leader” approach, inspiring his team to collaboratively shape the world of Hark.

As the ‘keeper of the flame,’ he safeguards the game’s distinctive atmosphere, ethos, and essence.

Andrew’s responsibilities include:

  • Team management and leadership

  • Fostering innovation and ideation

  • Guiding strategic planning and decision-making

  • Overseeing marketing and branding

  • Directing creative direction, world-building, storytelling, and narrative design

Andrew’s expertise in team management, complexity theory, strategic planning, and industry connections ensures the final product meets high standards of quality and player engagement.

Andrew holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Edinburgh University and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Blekinge University, Sweden. He co-founded and served as an Executive Director for 8 years at ‘Massive Small’, promoting a new approach to community-led, sustainable urban development. He co-created the publication ‘Making Massive Small Change’ and developed a fascination with complex systems, the role of stories in shaping meaning, and their influence on behavior.

With a degree in Fine Art from City & Guilds, Andrew is inspired by the power of art to create ancient, cultural, and mystical worlds. He applies this experience to build an intricate, interconnected game universe that offers depth and beauty.

In 2016, a traumatic brain injury led Andrew to discover the healing power of meditation. This sparked his interest in using digital media for therapeutic purposes. Combining his passion for gaming and meditation, Andrew began developing Hark, a game that weaves escapist fantasy with mindfulness, providing players with restoration and healing in a captivating fantasy world they feel deeply connected to.